AAII Stock Ideas: A+ Investor Screening Strategies

Favorite A+ Investor Screening Strategies

Of the more than 60 stock screening strategies that AAII tracks, some are more popular than others. A+ Investor subscribers can tag approaches to follow and see which companies meet the criteria for their favorite strategies each day.

A+ Investor is AAII’s new suite of tools that helps investors to monitor their investments, discover new opportunities and learn which strategies work (or don’t work). Taking all the screening strategies that members have tagged to follow, A+ Investor looks at the strategies with at least one passing company, tallies how often each screen has been favorited, then ranks those strategies by popularity.

All of the screening strategies that AAII tracks have been developed and backtested using Stock Investor Pro, AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database program. Many investors choose to follow screens based on specific guru and/or factor strategies. The most widely followed strategies offer a portrait of A+ Investor subscribers.

The first table below summarizes the performance of the favorite guru and factor screening strategies that AAII tracks. Some of the strategies are based on the investment philosophies of such investing “gurus” as Warren Buffett, William O’Neil and James O’Shaughnessy. The screening strategies are also categorized based on the “factors” that underly each strategy. A key at the bottom of the table explains the factor initials, such as value (V), growth (G) and momentum (M).

Top Passing Companies From Strategy Favorites

The second table shows 18 of the top passing companies based on the most popular screening strategies among A+ Investor members. The list includes two stocks from each strategy except for the O’Neil’s CAN SLIM Revised 3rd Edition and Foolish Small Cap 8 approaches, which only have one passing company each as of September 4, 2020. Most of the other strategies have several companies that pass the approach’s screening filters.

The Buffett Hagstrom and Estimate Revisions Top 30 Up approaches each have at least 30 passing companies as of September 4. The companies in the table below were selected from the group of passing companies based on the highest A+ Stock Grades for a specific strategy’s most relevant investment factors.



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