Upward Earnings Estimate Revisions Screening Strategy

Current Trends in Earnings Estimate Revisions

The Impact of Earnings Surprises

Stocks With Upward Revisions May Outperform

Screening for Earnings Estimate Revisions Up 5%

Changing Expectations Drive Stock Prices

  • Know the consensus earnings forecast of a stock you own or are interested in.
  • Realize that the stock price already reflects the general consensus about future earnings. Be aware that if a stock is highly touted, the basis for the recommendation should be an earnings forecast by analysts significantly above the prevailing opinion.
  • Ask for and carefully evaluate the foundation of an earnings forecast that deviates substantially from the consensus before investing.
  • Significant earnings surprises, positive or negative, probably have a fairly long-term effect on a stock’s price, as analysts revise long-term earnings forecasts accordingly.

Today’s Estimate Revisions Up 5% Stock Ideas



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